Guangzhou Hundom Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Hundom Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Производитель товаров по индивидуальному заказу
Основные продукты:Резервуар для смешивания/насос для перекачки/резервуар для эмульгирования/машина для эмульгирования/коллоидная мельница
Место в рейтинге 1 своевременная доставка в Фильтр-прессовое оборудованиеFull customizationAnnual export US $359,005Global export expertiseTotal floorspace (5,605㎡)
HUNDOM Technology has 15 years of tank equipment manufacturing experience, providing equipment design, manufacturing, installation, technical consultants and other services for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Its diversified and high-quality products meet the needs of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Functional design, material selection, welding process, and even the appearance of the beautification, each process is strictly controlled, adhering to Seiko production, equipment fully in line with the food and pharmaceutical industry production and health inspection standards.



With the development and advancement of modern technology, our company continuously improves the quality of products and uses advanced technology at home and abroad to strengthen the internal management of enterprise. From the functional design, energy data, materials selection, welding technology, process quality control to the appearance of the landscaping, each process is carefully planed. Our products are sufficient to meet the food, pharmaceutical and other health inspection standards.


In line with the "people-oriented, technology-led" business philosophy, our reliable product quality, reasonable price, good reputation and service have won high praise and trust from domestic and international cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and other well-known manufacturers.